From blueprint to built

The Eastgate Group Formula

What’s the method behind our eternal buildings,
innovative processes, and flawless organization? How
are we able to manage deadlines, budgets, and
problem-free procedures so seamlessly?

It’s all in the planning.

At The Eastgate Group, we pride ourselves on digging deep into the preliminary foundations of your construction project.

We never begin any project without first clearly laying out the details, process, and preparational stages. Whether pre-construction leadership, design planning and support, budgeting, scheduling, management, or post-construction work, The Eastgate Group has the know-how to handle any and all of your project needs.

Our philosophy

Launched in 1994, the Eastgate Group formed a construction company that consisted of quality workmanship, skilled contractors, and above all, honesty and integrity.

We believe that our successful projects are the results of successful relationships. Credibility and trust throughout all parties involved are essential to a seamless process.

The Eastgate Group provides you with:

  • Hands-on, senior-level involvement at every phase
  • Face-to-face interaction and communication
  • Streamlined controls and project management
  • Trusting relationships with subcontractors and suppliers


We like our employees a lot. They are our biggest assets, and their safety is integral to every project we undertake.

We dedicate all our resources to ensure an accident-free environment, without compromise by utilizing our preplanning systems, training, and foresight.

The Eastgate Team

Isaac Weinberger

Chief Executive Officer

Jim Lewis

Chief Operating Officer

Sol Mannes

Chief Financial Officer

Yoichy Weider

Assistant Controller

Jason Rashford

Director of Pre-Construction

Craig Benson

NY Regional Lead Project Manager

Michael DeStefano

Director of Construction

Hershy Fisher

Senior Project Manager, NY Residential Division

Moshe Friedman

Project Manager

Eli Kaufman

Project Manager

Joseph Strulovitch

Project Manager

Shea Weinberger

Project Manager

Troy Panfile

Project Manager